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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Wabanaki Center exemplifies the University of Maine’s commitment to “a multicultural and pluralistic educational community that encourages the full participation of all of its members.” The Wabanaki Center’s mission is to build and sustain a mutually beneficial relationship between the University of Maine and Native American communities.

The Wabanaki Center will strive to develop a better University community understanding of traditional and contemporary Native American cultures through education. The Center will work closely with the Native American Studies Program which will offer an academic course concentration that not only is interdisciplinary but also values Native approaches to learning, teaching and understanding. The Center will facilitate and encourage the exchange of resources and knowledge between Native American communities and the University of Maine.

The Wabanaki Center will seek to enhance awareness of Native Americans through its participation in campus-wide efforts to promote cultural diversity, and through its significant contributions to the development of University curricula and programs. The Center will engage in Native American student development, providing support for the achievement of their academic career and personal objectives.

Vision Statement

The Wabanaki Center will be a gathering place for indigenous scholars engaged in the work of advancing Wabanaki studies through teaching, research and publication.

Wabanaki studies will have access to the resources to research and create teaching and learning environments and tools that reflect and honor indigenous epistemologies. We will utilize new media methods extensively to develop and nurture Wabanaki scholarship.

By developing appropriate Wabanaki curricula, we can reach and teach a diversity of students engaged in lifelong learning. Support for Native community development efforts will naturally arise from partnerships between students, faculty, tribal communities and other organizational collaborators.


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