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What do I need to prove membership or Wabanaki Descendancy?
There are two methods of proving membership or Wabanaki Descendancy: Either Proof of Eligibility documentation faxed directly from tribal/band office OR originals hand-carried to the Wabanaki Center to be photocopied. We cannot accept faxes from locations other than tribal/band offices, and we cannot accept photocopies.

My adoptive parent is an enrolled member, am I eligible?

If a native person who is an enrolled member of a tribe/band has adopted you, but you are not a tribal member, or of biological direct descent, you do not qualify for the waiver.

I want to live on campus, is there anything additional I need to do?

If you are interested in acquiring on-campus housing, you will need to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This may allow you to qualify for the on-campus room and board grant program or allow you to determine whether or not you may qualify for state or federal funds. You can either visit the FAFSA website, or contact your campus Financial Aid Office.  Please make sure you have completed every step on the application. This is your responsibility and completing this in a timely manner can only benefit you.

A family member is in the program, can you just use their documentation for my application?

In considering your application to the N.A.W.E.P, we will ONLY consider the required documents that you yourself or your tribe/band provided to us. This constitutes a case-by-case consideration of application.


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